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Keylogger FAQ

Hardware Keyloggers - Got a Question? - need an Answer!

What are key Loggers?
The definition of a keylogger is "any device or program that captures information from an input device and places the captured data into a file". What this should tell you is that a key logger can take many forms. Regardless of the type, a keylogger generally does one thing; capture the keystrokes from a keyboard.

What is a Hardware Key Logger?
Hardware keyloggers are small devices that are placed inline, between your keyboard and computer. Since they are connected near the back of the computer, which is often hidden from site, these devices are rarely noticed or detected. This easily overlooked device has the power to record hundreds of thousands or millions of keystrokes (depending on storage capacity), including passwords, credit card numbers, or adulterous email and chat conversations.

How do I install a KeeLog Key Logger?
Please see our guides here: Installing the KeeLog Key Logger USB or Installing the KeeLog Key Logger PS2

What are the Features and Benefits of a Hardware Key Logger?
Plug and Play - No software of drivers required, installation takes a few seconds
Huge Memory - Up to 2 Gigabytes of memory provides years worth of typing
Transparent Operation - Keyloggers are completely invisible to computer operation and Anti-Virus Software
Fast Playback - USB technology guarantees super-fast data retrieve
Full Manageability - Various option to manage the device
Compact and Discreet - KeeLog hardware keyloggers are the smallest on the market

Please see our full guide here: KeeLog Features and Benefits

What's the difference between KeeLog Key Loggers and other devices on the market?
KeeLog produce the smallest, smartest devices with the biggest memory available in the market today. This ensure that KeeLog devices will work with all keyboards and computers and operating systems (including Appl Mac - we have a range specifically designed for Mac). All KeeLog devices are password Protected and the data is encrypted.

How much data can KeeLog devices store?
The 4MB devices cans store - 4,000,000 keystrokes (over 2,000 pages of text)
The 8MB devices can store - 8,000,000 keystrokes (over 4,000 pages of text)
The 16MB devices can store - 16,000,000 keystrokes (over 8,000 pages of text)
The 2GB device can store - 2,000,000,000 keystrokes (over 1,000,000 pages of text)

Keelog devices feature looping memory so you will never miss the most recent keystrokes.

Can I Retrieve Log Data From Another Computer?
YES. Simply plug the KeeLog device into any USB port, enter your password and the device will present as a mass storage device from which you can retreive your logged data.

If you have a PS2 model data retrieval is made easy and su[per fast via the USB Download Accelerator (supplied with every PS2 device)

If you have one of the KeeLog Wi-Fi devices - retrieval of data can be performed either by remote connection to the device (via TCP/IP interface) or by setting up regular email reports of captured data to your preferered email address. For full details click here: Keelog KeyGrabber Wi-Fi Premium Hardware Keystroke Logger Device for USB and PS2

What Operating systwems does the KeeLog device work with?
All Keelog devices work with:
Windows - 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8
Apple Mac - PLEASE NOTE: Some Apple Mac keyboards may not works with KeeLog's standard devices - Please see our range of specially designed KeeLog devices for Apple Mac

How do I get the KeeLog device to start Logging?
Simple plug the device into the port where your keyboard connects and then plug the keyboard connector into the KeeLog device. The device will start working automatically.

For KeeLog Wi-fi Models you will need to set up WLAN Access Point ID and enter your email details etc.... Full Instruction here: Keelog KeyGrabber Wi-Fi Premium Hardware Keystroke Logger Device for USB and PS2

Can the KeeLog device be Detected by Anti-Virus / Anti-Spyware Software?
NO. Unlike Software logging programs that are easily detected by Anti Virus or other scanning Software, KeeLog devices cannot be detected. This Is Primarily Because The KeeLog device is a hardware device not a software configuration. The only way to detect the device is by physical inspection and as it is at the back of the computer hidden away (and very small and inconspicuous) it will not normally be seen.

Why should I use a KeeLog device when I can use a key logger program available off the internet?
There are several reasons why a software program may not always be the best option. If the target computer is password protected, it will be almost impossible to install a software keylogger. The KeeLog device installs in a few seconds, onto any desktop PC with any operating system. The KeeLog device can be installed when the computer is switched off. It will also pick up passwords used to access the BIOS before boot up.

Does the KeeLog device work on Wireless keyboards?
YES. The KeeLog device should work on wireless keyboards by plugging it between the Wireless receiver and the PS2 port / USB port or USB HUB. The receiver that comes with your wireless keyboard can be USB or PS2. If it is USB (small rectangular plug) you need to choose one of the Keelog USB Keyloggers. If it is PS2 (small round plug) and has two round plugs coming from the receiver (one for mouse, one for keyboard), connect a KeeLog PS2 model between the receiver's keyboard cable and the computer.

Can you connect and disconnect the keylogger when power is up?
For PS2 keyloggers theoretically not (however we haven't heard about any damage so far). For the USB keylogger it's OK to hot-plug the keyboard and logger.

Is it Legal to use a Key Logger?
It is the user's responsibility to obey all effective laws in his/her country, which may or may not prohibit the use of KeeLog products. Neither the Manufacturer nor the Seller takes responsibility for any damage, harm or legal actions caused by the misuse of KeeLog products.


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